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MEMBER Portal puts you in control of your healthcare. Stop waiting on the phone to schedule an appointment; instead, request an appointment with your healthcare provider with the simple click of a button.

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Getting sick doesn’t always happen during normal business hours.


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Call our toll-free, 24-Hour Help Line and ask a licensed nurse any question.


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If your doctor is not available and you have a non-life-threatening problem.

Top Medical Group for Union Members

EHS Medical Group is the proud recipient of CAPG’s Annual Standards of Excellence Award for providing quality, affordable patient care. We connect physicians and patients with innovative healthcare technology through SynerMed’s CONNECT, MEMBER and CONSULT portals, allowing patients to connect with healthcare providers 24 / 7 / 365, whether by computer, phone or mobile device.

Leading Network of Physicians

More than 6,509 physicians offer pediatric, primary care and specialty care through an independent network of multilingual physicians and healthcare professionals.

Easy Payments

Remember to show your insurance card whenever you seek medical care. This will let the physician know that you are covered. Some plans may require payments by members but charges billed to you will be modest in cost. Your union has negotiated comprehensive healthcare benefits for you and your family to help avoid confusion and billing complications.

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