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Los Angeles County

In the Greater Los Angeles area, the EHS provider network currently consists of 600 primary care physicians, 1,350 specialists, 20 hospitals and all required ancillary services. EHS Los Angeles is currently responsible for the healthcare benefits of more than 150,000 members, and contracts with all major health plans for Medi-Cal, SCHIP (Healthy Families) and Medicare lines of business.


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The Downtown Coordinated Care Clinic

The Downtown Coordinated Care Clinic (DC3) is dedicated to providing personalized quality care plans to patients with the most complex care needs. Some patients are so sick and their healthcare needs are so complex that the regular healthcare system fails them. This results in longer hospital stays, high readmission rates, an increase in emergency room utilization, and poor healthcare outcomes. To end this cycle of non-care we created the DC3, a care-model clinic that works with patients to improve their health.

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