Nothing trumps innovation.


PROVIDER is a secure, feature-rich platform for exchanging, evaluating and monitoring medical data in real time. Hospitals and physicians access claims, authorizations and referrals for seamless healthcare coordination for our members.

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EHS Medical Group is dedicated to healthcare reform and

access to affordable quality care for all.

For Physicians

EHS is a physician-led, physician-driven organization. We understand the challenges of healthcare and we want you to succeed.

Medical Practice

EHS provides a collective voice for independent physicians. There is strength in numbers with health plans, vendors and legislative issues.

Growth and Sustainability

EHS creates sustainability for independent physicians. You get greater access to patients without selling out or consolidating.

Rated Top Medical Group

Elite Status  

2015 Standard of Excellence Award

CAPG | The Voice of Accountable Physician Groups

Nothing Trumps Service

Virtual access to a community of physicians

Quick authorization reviews

Instant claims status

Increased efficiency with our MEMBER Portal

Telemedicine access to specialists through CONSULT

GPO pricing on supplies and medical equipment


Telemedicine Portal

CONSULT is a telemedicine application that provides electronic clinical information and consultation exchange between Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and specialists. Our CONSULT network includes over 20 specialties, providing your patients with greater access to specialists.



  • Continuing Education
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Technical Support
  • Greater Patient Retention
  • Secure Communication
  • Improved Access to Specialists
  • Better Treatment Times

We’ve Got You Covered

No one manages patient care better than we do when it comes to Medi-Cal, Medicare and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Our network of 6,509 physicians provides care for more than 494,000 Managed Medi-Cal and Medicare patients throughout California.

6 Reasons to Join EHS

EHS Medical Group understands the complexities and challenges associated with the healthcare industry — especially for independent physicians. We help streamline office processes, reduce operating costs and improve clinical outcomes through a virtual workflow system that helps you thrive. You’ll receive:

Competitive Compensation

We provide above-market rates for primary care physicians who agree to contract exclusively with EHS.

Market Power

The ability to partner and obtain collective purchasing benefits.

Online Patient Management

Our secure, HIPAA-compliant provider portal allows you and your staff to access, store and process information from anywhere, instantaneously.

Growth Potential

We provide access to managed-care contracts to expand your practice, and provide customizable marketing and enrollment services to grow and retain membership.

Group Purchasing Power

EHS has access to group discounts for Medical Malpractice insurance and other financial products geared toward the physician practice, as well as Group pricing for vaccinations and office supplies.

A Shared Voice

We offer a collective voice for independent physicians in managed care. We support your interests at local, state and national levels to ensure that physicians are fully represented during healthcare reform and policy discussions.

It’s 1 AM. Your Patient Is Sick.

EHS has got you covered.

24-Hour Help Line

Call our toll-free, 24-Hour Help Line and ask a licensed nurse any question.

Find an Urgent Care

If your doctor is not available and you have a non-life-threatening problem.

Join Our Team!

Recognized as California’s “Top Medical Group” by CAPG.

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