CONSULT – We Bring eHealth to You

Published: Apr 16, 2013
CONSULT is a telemedicine application that offers access to care anytime, anywhere through a virtual healthcare community. Patients no longer have to travel long distances for access to specialty care, helping to reduce healthcare costs and unnecessary ER visits.

SynerMed CONSULT – Allergy Profile

Published: Apr 15, 2013
Joshua Davidson, M.D., MPH, shares his experiences using SynerMed’s telehealth offering, CONSULT. Most allergy conditions are handled in less than a week with the specialist advice given through the CONSULT system. Patients are able to be seen by their primary care providers and avoid waiting for specialist appointments with this advanced technology.

Pain Management Specialist Profile

Published: Jun 13, 2013
SynerMed, Inc. and Crown City Rehabilitation Institute’s Pain Management Specialist, Jos Santz, weighs in on the CONSULT telehealth product. He highlights what primary care providers are able to treat in their office through the use of CONSULT and what he can take care of in the Pain clinic.

CONSULT Dermatology

Published: Oct 4, 2013
Michael Freed, M.D., describes the CONSULT program.

Derm Treatment of Warts

Published: Sep 20, 2013
Demo from physician on patient.

Bringing Telemedicine to You

Published: Jun 5, 2012
To bring telemedicine to your practice.


Downtown Coordinated Care Center

Last Updated: Aug 1, 2013
Patient Profile. A homeless man is brought in to the Downtown Coordinated Care Center (DC3) where he is treated for all his psychosocial needs.

Created out of the innovation Labs at SynerMed, Inc., the Downtown Coordinated Care Center is a multidisciplinary clinic that cares for the sickest 1 percent of the patient population. The DC3 specializes in personalized care plans designed to meet the patient’s unique healthcare needs.

DC3’s high-touch team of healthcare professionals are dedicated to keeping patients out of the ER by providing the quality care that patients deserve without the cost. All services at the DC3 are free of charge.